About The Author

img_7294.pngHi, welcome to my blog!

My name is Abby King, I am 20 years old, from Southern California and currently living in San Diego, California. I am Junior at the¬†University of San Diego and am a Psychology Major as well as being on the Division 1 Women’s Soccer team here. Fitness has always been a passion of mine due to the environment I grew up in and more recently I have discovered a love for cooking and nutrition which I hope to pursue as a career in the future.

As my posts reflect, I love to eat as healthy as possible and feel incredibly lucky to live in a beautiful place where fresh produce is readily available. Not-vegan, vegetarian, paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free or dieting in a way, I believe in balance and using real ingredients to create healthy meals that fuel.

I have completely fallen in love with the way healthy eating makes me feel and have discovered how to prepare meals that satisfy this goal all while being college-student-friendly. On this blog, you can expect to find both creations of my own as well as recipes from my favorite bloggers in the healthy community.

I am constantly looking to grow and learn about the world of food and I hope to inspire you to do the same!