Breakfast / Dinner

Sweet Potato Black Bean Patties

I am a big believer in not letting food go to waste, so whatever I have in the house I find a way to incorporate in some way. These easy patties were actually inspired by this just because I had about a half can of black beans that I needed to use up! So… I decided to make veggie burgers with them! These are very simple to make and last a couple days in the fridge so they were nice to incorporate in my diet multiple ways!

For the patties:

1 small roasted sweet potato

1/2 can black beans

2 Tbsp pepitas (totally optional)

1/3 cup flax meal (could have to add slightly more or less depending on size of sweet potato

cumin, smoked paprika (gives a great bbq-y taste), garlic powder, nutmeg, cayenne to taste! (I like things on the spicier size)unnamed-36

  1. After sweet potato is roasted and soft, peel skin off and mash in bowl
  2. Add black beans and mash in
  3. add flax seed meal and all the spices and mix one last time (you want a consistency that will hold together in patties so add more flax seed if too thin
  4. form mixture into patties (I made three the first time but I think I would do 5 small ones with this amount in the future)
  5. heat olive oil in a pan and cook patties approximately 10 min on each side

For the Buns!

I used whole food diary’s chickpea flatbread recipe that I posted previously on the blog.

I halved the mixture for this and added cumin, garlic and paprika to the dough. I put two patty sized dollops in the skillet, added some pepitas and put them in the oven until the top was fully cooked. They are fairly dense for burger buns but because the patties were so light they went well together.

Assembly and Sides!unnamed-28

For the burger I added avocado of course and some microgreens because they are my latest obsession and make everything look so much prettier.

For the side I sauteed some bell pepper, purple cabbage and onions in The Feisty Kitchen’s Cilantro Chimichurri which I had made earlier in the week. But if you do not have that on hand I recommend just olive oil, cumin, cilantro and maybe a little Cholula!

Overall this dinner took about 30 minutes to make (not counting the roasting of the sweet potato) and the patties were nice to have to use for other meals such as breakfast!unnamed-59

2 eggs, 1 patty, some paleo avo toast and microgreens

p.s. I think I even liked the patty better for breakfast!


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