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Make Your Own Emergen-C

Something we can all relate to is the fact that being sick is actually the worst. Every time I feel myself starting to get sick I do everything in my power to stop it. This used to include drinking emergen-c powder to try and prevent the sickness from coming on but I have recently been researching more about this product and found that it is mostly sugar and not all that helpful to healing. We need real foods and real ingredients to heal and live a healthy life and that is why… when Whole Foods gives you oranges…make your own Emergen-C.

I personally do not own a juicer but will have one next year in my new apartment (thank you roomies) so I just hand juiced and used the same towel I strain almond milk with the strain the juices.

What you’ll need!

7 oranges (I used this many but you could obviously make less juice if you want)

1 lemon

2 inches ginger (grated)

1 tsp tumeric

Cayenne to taste (I like my juices much spicier than most people)

1/2 tsp manuka honey (can sub other but not the same benefits)

2 tsp reishi extract (optional)

1/2 cup filtered waterunnamed-58

How to:

  1. Place the towel for straining in a large  bowl and start squeezing!
  2. After you squeeze all the citrus add water and spices
  3. Strain all using towel until no more juice can be squeezed from the towel
  4. Pour juice into container to keep!



Obviously the main ingredient and the main source of vitamin-C in this recipe, citrus fruits are great for you immune system, metabolism as well as being a great source of antioxidants! They are clearly a great base for this juice and have a low glycemic index which makes the comparison with Emergen-c even better.


Ginger is great because it gives you a boost of energy (which can be much needed when you are getting sick), it is calming for you digestive system, it fights infection, and is good for the metabolism just to name a few. I try and incorporate ginger in my diet as much as possible and always keep some fresh in my apartment because I have a very sensitive stomach and I find it always helps when I feel sick.


Turmeric is another spice I try to incorporate as much as I can. In this case, I used powdered just because it’s easier to get my hands on but I recommend fresh if possible. I put turmeric in this not necessarily to help with sickness but just because it has amazing benefits in so many aspects. There are seriously too many to name. I try to eat a lot of turmeric mostly because it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which really are a benefit to me, being an athlete.


Cayenne is good for detoxifying the body, speeding the metabolism, helping with blood circulation, can help with sore throats and digestion and has many long term health benefits if taken consistently.

Manuka honey:

Manuka honey is a new one for me but it is so much better than regular honey, it is easy to incorporate into my diet. It is known to be anti-bacterial, good for sore throats, anti-inflammatory and a good energy boost. It also really added to the flavor of this juice and just know, a small amount of this honey goes a long way!


I was quite skeptical when I first heard about Reishi. I see it on many health blogs that I follow but I have read that there is no scientific evidence behind some of the claims made about Reishi. It is said to be good for the immune system, blood sugar, and cholesterol and since I have been using it I have felt good. This is not to say it would be positive for everyone, you know yourself better than me but I do recommend trying it!


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